Lab Services

We are committed to providing value added lab services to our customers.  We are proud to offer material characterization testing using our state of the art equipment.  Our laboratory is equipped with Micromeritics ( USA ), Agilent Analytical  & SEO surface chemistry instrument.

B.E.T or Langmuir Surface Area ( ISO 9277)

001-00       Single Point Surface Area Using Nitrogen Gas (Static Volumetric Method )

  • Single Point Surface Area using 30%N2/He Gas blend ( Dynamic Gas Flow Method )
  • Multipoint Surface Area Using Nitrogen Gas ( Static Volumetric Method )

Pore Volume Distribution/Pore Size Distribution ( ISO 15901-2 )

Pore Size by Gas Adsorption

Pore size samples may include the following reports as appropriate: BET or Langmuir surface area, BJH mesopore analysis, DFT pore size calculations, single point total pore volume, and t-Plot micropore volume.

002-00       40-point Nitrogen adsorption and 40-point desorption isotherm (20 Å to 3000 Å)

Micropore Pore Size Distribution

Reports may include Mesopore report and Micropore report such as H-K, Dubinin, and/or DFT methods etc.

002-01       High-resolution micropore analysis plus mesopore isotherm (4 Å to 3000 Å) Using N2 gases

Pore Size by Mercury Intrusion ( ISO 15901-1 )

The report will include calculation of bulk density, skeletal density, porosity, average pore diameter, median pore diameters and total intrusion volume.  An additional summary such as tortuosity, fractal diameter, permeability and compressibility are available upon request for an additional fee.

002-03  Mercury Intrusion analysis ( Pore size range 360 to 0.003 µm )

002-04 Mercury Intrusion and extrusion analysis ( Pore size range 360 to 0.003 µm )

002-04 Combined Gas adsorption and Mercury Intrusion analysis (Pore size range 360 to 20 Å )



Note: Standard charges applicable to commonly available gases only.  Surcharge applies for special gas chemisorption.

003-00       Dynamic or pulse Chemisorption analysis (specify analytical method)

003-01       Pulse Chemisorption using liquid vapors (specify analytical method)

Temperature Programmed Studies

003-02  Temperature-Programmed Reduction (TPR)

003-03  Temperature-Programmed Desorption (TPD)

003-04  Temperature-Programmed Oxidation ( TPO)

003-05 Mass Spectrometry Analysis ( Must be combined with Temperature Programmed study )

Special Gas Adsorption

004-00   Adsorption Isotherm at user defined condition ( example CO2, H2, Argon etc )



005 -00 True /Skeletal Density ( Helium or Nitrogen pycnometry ) ISO 12154

005-01 OpenCell content orf rigid cellular plastic: Foam density ASTM D6226-05

Particle Size / Zeta Potential

Nano Particle Sizing using Dynamic Light Scattering ( ISO 22412 ) Method

006-01 Nano Particle Sizing using Dynamic Light Scattering ( Size range 0.1 nm to 12.3 µm )

Zeta Potential using Electrophoretic Light Scattering (ELS) technique( ISO 13099-2)

006-02 Zeta Potential of Dilute ( Up to 1 % V/V) Sample

006-02 Zeta Potential Analysis of Concentrated ( Up to 40% V/V) Sample

Contact Angle

007-00       Contact angle analysis  for 1 liquid

007-01      Pendant Drop analysis for 1 liquid

Surface Tension

008-00       Surface Tension using DuNuoy Ring method for 1 liquid


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