1. MicroActive Reporting Software – BET
  2. MicroActive Reporting Software – BJH Silica
  3. MicroActive Reporting Software – DFT
  4. MicroActive Reporting Software – Isotherm
  5. MicroActive Reporting Software – t-plot Microporous
  6. MicroActive Reporting Software – t-plot Mesoporous
  7. MicroActive Reporting Software – BET Microporous
  8. PID Microactivity Reference Reactor – Part 1
  9. PID Microactivity Reference Reactor – Part 2
  10. PID Microactivity Reference Reactor
  11. Saturn DigiSizer II High-Definition Digital Particle Size Analyzer
  12. Physical Adsorption Webinar Part 1/3
  13. Physical Adsorption Webinar Part 2/3
  14. Physical Adsorption Webinar Part 3/3
  15. Electrical Sensing Zone Webinar

Application Notes

  1. Bulk and Skeletal Density Computations for the Autopore
  2. Higher Accuracy Plus Faster Results When Measuring the Density of Commercial Items
  3. Degas Backfill Gas Selection for Micromeritics Gas Adsorption Instruments
  4. Density Determination of Plastic Film using the AccuPyc 1330
  5. Measuring the Percent Solids of a Slurry with the AccuPyc 1330
  6. Liquid Nitrogen Level When using Isothermal Jackets
  7. Ultraprecise Calibration for the AccuPyc 1330
  8. The Surface Area of Magnesium Stearate — An Excipient used in pharmaceuticals
  9. Characterization of Medicinal Tablet Surface Area with the Gemini series
  10. Determining the Open Cell Content of Rigid Cellular Plastics with the AccuPyc 1330
  11. Particle Size Determination of Porous Powders using the SediGraph
  12. Equilibrated versus Scanning Porosimetry
  13. Envelope Density Measurements by MicromeriticsGeoPyc 1360 and other methods
  14. Diversity of Applications of the GeoPyc
  15. Evaluating Catalyst Substrates with the GeoPyc 1360
  16. Agreement of GeoPyc® Data with other methods
  17. The Role of Calibration when using the GeoPyc 1360
  18. Volume Measurement Method affects density results
  19. Determining Free-Space Values for ASAP series micropore analysis
  20. Helium Effects on ASAP Series MicroPore Anaylsis
  21. T.A.P. Density as Obtained with the GeoPyc
  22. Determining the Force or Pressure to Use for T.A.P. TM (bulk) density with the GeoPyc
  23. New Capability for the GeoPyc Makes Visible the percent of the DryFlo bed occupied by the sample
  24. Attaining Envelope Density Reproducibility and accuracy with your GeoPyc
  25. Optimize Free-Space Correction for Low Surface Area samples using the Gemini analyzer
  26. Sample-Weighing Precision with the AccuPyc 1330, 1cm3 Capacity
  27. Accuracy of Vapor Dosing with the AutoChem
  28. Using the GeoPyc T.A.P. Density Analyzer to Measure bulk density and packing volume of mixed food powders
  29. Using the Elzone® to Detect Low Numbersof large of agglomerated particles
  30. Temperature-Programmed Reduction using the AutoChem
  31. Establishing Sample Degassing Conditions for the Flowsorb
  32. AutoChem and Mass Spectrometer Gas Calibration
  33. AutoChem and Mass Spectrometer Gas Calibration
  34. Analyzing Magnetic Materials using the Elzone
  35. The Mayer-Stowe Method for Determining Particle Size Using the AutoPore Series IV Porosimeters
  36. Using BalanceTalk Software With Micromeritics Instruments
  37. Using the Correct Penetrometer Constant with your Mercury Porosimeter
  38. Analysis of Terephthalic Acid Using the Saturn DigiSizer® 5200
  39. The Effect of Particle Size on the Manufacture of Chocolate Products
  40. Measuring Monosize Particles with the Saturn DigiSizer
  41. Characterization of Acid Sites Using Temperature-Programmed Desorption
  42. Thermocouple Calibration for the AutoChem – Thermostar Interface
  43. Using the ASAP 2020 for Determining the Hydrogen Adsorption Capacity of Powders and Porous Materials
  44. Particle Size Analysis of Powdered Aspirin Using the Saturn DigiSizer 5200
  45. Particle Size Distribution Analysis of Porous Powders Using the Saturn DigiSizer 5200
  46. Micropore Analysis of Zeolites Using the ASAP 2420
  47. Performance Testing Porous Aluminas Using the TriStar Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer
  48. Acid Site Characterization of H+ ZSM-5 (SiO2/Al2O3:30/1): A Pulse Chemisorption and TPD Application for the AutoChem
  49. Acid Site Characterization of H+ Beta (SiO2/Al2O3:150/1): A Pulse Chemisorption and TPD Application for the AutoChem
  50. Acid Site Characterization of H+ Mordenite (SiO2/Al2O3:90/1):A
  51. Acid Site Characterization of H+ Y (SiO2/Al2O3:5.2/1):A Pulse Chemisorption and TPD Application for the AutoChem
  52. Acid Site Characterization of H+ Y (SiO2/Al2O3:30/1): A Pulse Chemisorption and TPD Application for the AutoChem
  53. Acid Site Characterization of H+ Y (SiO2/Al2O3:60/1): A Pulse Chemisorption and TPD Application for the AutoChem
  54. Acid Site Characterization of H+ Y (SiO2/Al2O3:80/1): A Pulse Chemisorption and TPD Application for the AutoChem
  55. Acid Site Characterization of H+ Beta (SiO2/Al2O3:75/1): A Pulse Chemisorption and TPD Application for the AutoChem
  56. Acid Site Characterization of NH4 +ZSM-5 (SiO2/Al2O3:30/1): A Pulse Chemisorption and TPD Application for the AutoChem
  57. Acid Site Characterization of NH4 +ZSM-5 (SiO2/Al2O3:50/1): A Pulse Chemisorption and TPD Application for the AutoChem
  58. Acid Site Characterization of NH4 +ZSM-5 (SiO2/Al2O3:80/1): A Pulse Chemisorption and TPD Application for the AutoChem
  59. Acid Site Characterization of NH4 +ZSM-5 (SiO2/Al2O3:280/1): A Pulse Chemisorption and TPD Application for the AutoChem
  60. The Measurement of Pharmaceutical Lubricants Using the TriStar II 3020 Krypton Option
  61. The Measurement of Pharmaceutical BindersUsing the TriStar II Krypton Option
  62. Improved BJH Pore Size Distribution Using the Maximum Volume Increment Option
  63. The Effect of Particle Shape on Particle Size Measurement
  64. An All-Around Contact Angle Measuring System
  65. What is Contact Angle?
  66. Applications for Contact Angle Analysis

Tech Tips

  1. Uninterruptible Power Supply for Use with the ASAP 2020
  2. Using the Minimum Signal Fraction Feature in Saturn Digisizer application
  3. Applying a New Baseline to Data in a SediGraph Sample Information file
  4. Deleting Unused Templates from the 21 CFR Part 11 Confirm software
  5. Using Vapors with the AutoChem
  6. TCD Calibration of the AutoChem Using High-Purity Metal Oxides
  7. Numeric-Entry Anomaly in Certain Windows Operating Environments

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