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We are proud to representing ROOT Asia Co. Ltd for their Wet Grinding & Dispersing Product Solutions. ROOT is the leading solution provider in the field of Wet Grinding, widely used in the fine chemical industrial as well as in research over 20 countries and is one of the largest manufacturers in the world. With more than 10 years of providing the solution in wet grinding, ROOT Asia Co. Ltd is committed to providing the best in class products/ Services to customer’s all over the world.

Company Profile: ROOT Asia Co., Ltd Shanghai

ROOT Asia Co., Ltd Shanghai is a professional manufacturer of wet grinding production line. Owning over 10 years experience in the wet grinding field, Root is your best choice for laboratory sand mill and laboratory bead mill, industrial sand mill and industrial bead mill, three roller mill and basket mill, auxiliary machines such as disperser and mixer. With cooperation with universities, experts and experienced engineers, Root have been concentrated in the technique of wet grinding machine since 2000. Now Root wet grinding mills installation base is expanded in more than 20 countries, serving production factory of various industry such as paint, ink, dye, magnetic material, paste,  agriculture chemicals, adhesion, cosmetics, ceramic etc. With our modern Nano Laboratory  and manufacturing factory, Root could provide clients with the best solution for complete wet grinding production mills. With the endorsement from all our client all over the world, Root has grown together with our customers.  ROOT are committed to continuous improvement  on our product quality and excels in the research and development of wet grinding machine worldwide.

ROOT Technology

With advanced technology from Switzerland and Germany,  ROOT design emphasis on  ergonomics, ease of operations and maintenance, high safety standard   and high efficiency which made our machine the machine of choice for the wet grinding industry all over the world.  ROOT machine is able to support wide application industry, we strike a perfect balance between efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and cost of ownership. ROOT uses the best components for our machine like ABB/SIEMENS motor, BURGMANN double end mechanical seal, INGERSOLL-RAND diaphragm pump, SCHNEIDER electrical parts, BLD meter, BANDO belt, DAIDO steel. ROOT will be your best partner in your research/  business.

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