PG Instruments


  • Cold Septum Purgeless Injection Technology
  • Low Thermal Inertia Oven
  • Full Range of Detectors
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Maximum Versatility


Cold Septum Purgeless Injection Technology

  • Guarantees sample integrity, no volatile loss

Low Thermal Inertia Oven

  • For fast heating and cooling, ± 0.1°C accuracy displayed

Full Range of Detectors

  • Excellent sensitivity and linearity ranges: FID,TCD,ECD,NPD & MS

User Friendly Interface

  • Touch screen TFT, interactive programming, menu driven windows

Maximum Versatility

  • Simultaneous operation of up to Up to 3 injectors and 3 detectors


  • Incorporates latest FPGA technology, built in web server allowing full remote control via internet and TCP/IP communication




The excellent performance of the GC600 is attributed to its unique specifications; the pneumatics with high accuracy A/D converter and superb low inertia fast heating and cooling; high precision oven (± 0.1°C displayed); cold septum purgeless injector along with a full range of detectors and electrometers. The latest electronics based on FPGA’s and micro embedded PC’s, have allowed total diagnostics and remote control of systems via Internet and TCP/IP protocols.

EPC: Optimal Flow and Pressure Control

A pressure resolution of 0.0015psi and extended pressure and flow operating ranges deliver a choice of true flow or pressure programming wiht up to five ramps and free sleection of carrier gas, thus reducing analysis time.

Optimal GC Injector

The unique design of the cold septum purgeless injection technology delivers a number of analytical benefits. Septum bleeding is eliminated o septum purge is not required and column integrity is maintained. The leak tight injector prevents loss of volatiles thus improving detection limits and reproducibility. The use of a straight liner enables fast transfer of the high boil ding analytes to the column head, thus extending the range of applications for high boulders.

There is no possibility of back diffusion of atmospheric oxygen or water through the septum purge flow, which could oxidise or hydrolyse very labile samples in the hot GC injector.

Low Thermal Inertia Oven

The new low thermal inertia oven design with an expanded temperature range allows for ultra-fast heating and cooling, it is isolated in forced-air-circulating chamber for better temperature stability and additional electronics protection. An upgraded oven flap deign achieves optimal temperature control.

Automation and Data Manipulation

The GC600 can be controlled from the touch screen interface via a PC using integration software; both deliver a user friendly interface requiring minimal training to derive the maximum benefit from its unique features. The PG integration software provides full automation and also controls the auto injector, allowing any combination of injector sequences and providing a simple tool for data acquisition, processing and report generation. It meets all the requirement of GLP/GMP; acquisition, integration, calibration and reporting under 21 CFR part 11.

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