FP902 – Flame Photometer

The FP902 uses a soft touch key pad for ease of data entry and features electronic ignition, automatic flame failure safety and will operate using butane, natural gas or LPG.

Flame photometry provides a simple method of analysis and concentration determination of elements which
cannot easily be measured using any other technique. PG instruments application notes for users of our versatile new flame photometers cover a wide range of industrial sectors, from food and drink to cement, minerals and glass, as well as agricultural, biological and clinical applications.


  • Soil and Agricultural Analysis
  • Biological Fluids
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Food and Drink Analysis


  • Four element measurement in a single aspiration (Na, K, Li and Ca)
  • Curve calibration using up to 5 standards
  • Calibration curve fit routines first order and second order
  • Multiple calibration curve saving facility
  • Sample data storage
  • Printer attachment
  • Data displayed in concentration units ie. ppm, meq etc

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