DST Series

Surface Electro Optics


The information of surface or the interfacial tension is critically important in applications such as detergency and emulsification and is also important for many biological processes.  Especially, the Du NÕuy Ring method and the Wihelmy Plate method are commonly used for measuring surface / interfacial tensions.

The DST A series are precise tension meters (with Digital LCD display) for the measurement of surface (Liquid – Vapour) & interfacial tensions (Liquid – Liquid) using both the Du NÕuy ring and the Wihelmy plate.

The sample stage can be automatically operated so that the errors from the manual operation can be significantly minimized and the accuracy can be maximized.  The surface and interfacial tension results can be obtained quickly with no additional calculations and the measured results and data can be shown easily on the LCD display and printed out.

The DST M series is designed for Educational, Quality Control and other multiple user applications.  By simply operating the sample stage manually, you can get the surface / interfacial tension results quickly with no additional calculations.


  • Du NÕuy ring ( Platinum- Iridium ) method / Wilhelmy Plate method
  •  Auto Calculation of Surface Tension
  • Ergonomic , user friendly design
  • Automatic or Manual lift system
  • Accurate and simple operation
  • Temperature Control : -10 ⁰ C to 100 ⁰C
  • Print function for DST 60 and DST 100

Typical Applications

  • Measurement of Surface and interfacial tension of liquid
  • Determination of properties of surfactant / emulsifying agents
  • Petroleum and fuels applications
  • Evaluation of the reformulation of paint and ink
  • Chemical / Biological application


  • Heat / Cool circulator ( -10 ⁰ C to 100 ⁰C )
  • Thermal Chamber
  • Printer Function

Technical Specification

Model DST30M DST60M DST60A DST100
Methods Du NÕuy ring Du NÕuy ring/ Wilhelmy plate Du NÕuy ring/ Wilhelmy plate Du NÕuy ring/ Wilhelmy plate
Measuring range 0 to 500 dynes /cm ( mN/m) 0 to 500 dynes /cm ( mN/m) 0 to 500 dynes /cm ( mN/m) 0 to 500 dynes /cm ( mN/m)
Balance Capacity 100 grams 100 grams 100 grams 100 grams
Sample Stage Operation Precise Manual Stage Precise Manual Stage Automatic Automatic
Liquid Vessel Glass container ( 50ml) Glass container ( 50ml) Glass container ( 50ml) Glass container ( 50ml)
Power Supply 110 to 220Vac 110 to 220Vac 110 to 220Vac 110 to 220Vac
Dimension( L x Wx H, in/mm) 7kg 8 kg 8 kg 15 Kg


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