AF402 Series

PG Instruments

The Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy technique is used to measure samples containing both hydride forming elements and mercury in a variety of analytical sectors. Due to its design and functionality, the instrument offers enhanced sensitivity, reduced interference and excellent limits of detection (ppt).

The AF402 is an ideal instrument for elemental analysis in various market and research industries including:

  • Agriculture
  • Food and Beverage
  • Public Health
  • Clinical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Geological
  • Metallurgical
  • Petrochemical

Standard features
Light Source

  • High Intensity Hollow Cathode lamps for greater intensity and stability.
  • Up to three lamps can be installed for simultaneous analysis.
  • All lamps are uniquely data coded offering important information to the PF Win operating software.

Optical system

  • Shielded optical design greatly reduces light interference.
  • Enhanced signal to noise ratio for increased analytical sensitivity.
  • Unique optical configuration for increased fluorescence intensity. Up to twice the fluorescence intensity found in traditional AFS systems.
  • High Quantum Solar Blind Photomultiplier Tube fitted as standard to ensure optimum stability.

Atomiser System

  • High precision quartz atomiser tube designed for optimum performance, durability and long life.
  • Self-igniting Argon/ Hydrogen flame with software controlled heater coil.
  • Adjustable height control for improved optimisation.
  • Integrated fume exhaust  system to decontaminate pollution.

Hydride generator

  • Built in Hydride generator with continuous flow.
  • Multi-pump with individual pressure adjustment for uptake control of reagents and carrier liquids.
  • Introduction of sample using motorised syringe drive and unique three way control valve. Software controlled for greater accuracy.
  • High efficiency glass liquid separator which optimises the separation minimising pressure fluctuations and improving measurement precision.
  • Reagent compartment stores reagents safely and cleanly. Storage for up to four containers.
  • Low level reagent monitoring.


  • Integrated autosampler.
  • XYZ configuration.
  • 2 x 45 vial trays for automated sample introduction.
  • Auto dilution using motorised syringe drive and selection valve.
  • Full calibration using only one stock standard solution.
  • Fully controlled by the PF Win software.

Electronic Control System 

  • High technology electronics and PCB components.
  • Rear mounted and separated electronic section to eliminate carry over from hydride technique.
  • Built in embedded PC operating system. No extra PC control required.
  • Windows 7 operating software.
  • PF Win instrument control software.

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