Advancements in Performance and Technology

  • Three configurable analysis ports for high throughput – two or three micropore ports to meet current or future needs
  • Standard mesopore, micropore, or physisorption ready instrument
  • Pneumatically actuated, hard seal valves provide ultra-clean, leak-free operation
  • Stainless steel gas inlets, VCR fittings, and analysis manifold
  • Interactive MicroActive Software for data analysis with user-defined report options
  • Advanced instrument diagnostics
  • Small footprint conserves valuable lab space

 Anatomy of a Superior Instrument:

  • Dosing and sample manifolds are accurately monitored and uniformly maintained at 45 ° +/- 0.05 °C
  • Three analysis ports for high throughput, simultaneous sample analyses
  • Three strategically placed RTDs for precise temperature monitoring and control
  • New Dewar design permits greater than 80 hours of continuous temperature control
  • High Vacuum metal–sealed turbo pump speeds evacuation
  • Proven Isothermal Jacket technology
  • Standard, stainless steel, six- port gas inlet manifold
  • Improved elevator design for faultless operation. 10,000 cycles before first maintenance
  • Separate, dedicated Po port
  • 29-bit A/D Conversion data acquisition used at 25 bits
  • 316 Stainless Steel VCR fittings provide leak-free operation and high purity surfaces
  • Operational dashboard continuously monitors critical system functions and maintenance cycles
  • Field serviceable through easy access cover design
  • Enhanced error notification with on-screen trouble-shooting assistance
  • Each sample port is fully upgradeable from mesopore to micropore
  • Standard krypton capability for investigation of very low surface area materials
  1. 3Flex Design and Hardware

    Designed for Results

    The 3Flex was designed with a single focus; improve your analytical results. Each feature was engineered specifically to eliminate variability, improve gas management, stabilize temperature, increase accuracy and sensitivity, simplify user interaction, and increase sample throughput.

    3Flex Major Design Features

    Design Benefit

    Results Advantage

    316 SS VCR fittings and pneumatically actuated hard seal valves Provides virtually leak-free gas management and lowest outgassing rate in the industry Improving gas management control provides increased accuracy and sensitivity especially when collecting data in the most critical ranges of the isotherm
    One instrument with three configurable analysis ports for high throughput mesopore and micropore analyses Eliminates costly investment in multiple instruments to accommodate varying high throughput needs Maximize your investment with a single instrument that fully addresses your current sample analysis needs and is expandable for future requirements
    Stainless steel gas inlets, manifold, valving, and gaskets Highly pure and chemically resistive surfaces provide a non-contaminating analytical environment Eliminates interference from contaminates and outgassing associated with elastomer seals and o-rings. Highly resistive surfaces permit greater selection of adsorptive gasses and vapors to be explored
    Dashboard continuously monitors critical system component performance and key maintenance scheduling Maximizes instrument uptime by allowing the user to have instant access to performance  indicators, and alerts user when routine maintenance is needed Increases confidence in analytical results by providing one click confirmation of system performance. Maximizes uptime by assuring that the user will never miss the recommended maintenance schedule
    Minimum instrument footprint Three configurable sample ports; improved sensitivity, accuracy, and repeatability; and 6 gas inlets in one of the smallest footprints in the industry Maximum performance and reliability from a high performance instrument that conserves critical bench space in your laboratory. No extra height for safety shields.


  2. 3 FIex Interactive Reports and Control Software

    MicroActive for 3Flex – Interactive Data Reduction and Control Software

    Interactive data manipulation permits user to accurately and precisely determine surface area and porosity. User selectable data ranges through the graphic interface, permits direct data modeling for BET, t-plot, Langmuir, and DFT interpretation, minimizing time to results.

    Operating Features

    • Navigation pane permits easy retrieval of critical files; navigation arrows permit forward, backward, and recently viewed location navigation
    • Long file name support; one click export in choice of file types; right click filtering and display capabilities
    • Instrument system operation log files; graphic dashboard displays critical operating conditions and maintenance intervals
    • Included How-To videos speed training of new operators
    • Instrument event logging, and included user on-demand or scheduled diagnostics test
    • Graphic instrument operating diagram permits one click access to system information
    • Ability to control four instruments from one computer


    Data Reduction Features

    • Interaction with adsorption data is direct. By simply moving the calculation bars, the user is immediately updated with new textual properties. One-Click access to important parameters allows the user to focus on the result rather than the parameters
    • Interactive data manipulation minimizes the use of dialog boxes and tunneling of dialogs to specify calculation parameters. This allows the user to accurately and efficiently determine surface area and porosity of their materials.
    • Improved ability to overlay files (up to 25) including mercury intrusion data, with single click file add and subtract feature
    • Extensive selection of available reports featuring a new DFT Surface Energy Report
    • New Report Options editor allows the user to define up to five reports with on-screen previews. Each report has the ability to possess one summary, tabular, and graphical information pane.
  3. 3Flex Specifications

    Instrument Specification

    Sample Analysis Ports 3 ports
    Vacuum System Turbo molecular drag pump in series with four stage diaphragm pump
    Pumping Speed (nitrogen) 61 L/s
    Ultimate Vacuum < 3.75 x 10-10 mmHg
    Vacuum gauge Dual Cold Cathode/microPirani gauge
    Minimum measurable surface area 0.1 m2/g
    0.0005 m2/g (krypton)
    up to five 1000 mmHg,
    0.05% of reading accuracy,
    screen resolution 0.01 mmHgup to four 10 mmHg,
    0.05% of reading accuracy,
    screen resolution 0.0001 mmHgup to three 0.1 mmHg,
    0.08% of reading accuracy,
    screen resolution 0.000001 mmHg
    Temperature Three RTDs, display resolution 0.1 °C,
    (manifold, ambient, ports)Heating manifold thermocouple display resolution 0.1 °C
    Adsorptive Gas Inputs 6
    Degas In situ, 6 additional with optional SmartPrep
    Dewar 3.2L capacity, >80hrs
    Control of cryogen level on sample tube Isothermal jacket
    Sample Tubes Metric, flat bottom, 9 and 12mm


    In keeping with a policy of ongoing product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

  1. 3Flex Flyer
  2. 3Flex Customer Presentation

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